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Community charter

We live by our core values, emphasizing collaboration, diversity, community, innovation, integrity, and open communication. We stand united against malicious actors, promoting crypto solidarity and unity between projects and communities.

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Collaboration Over Consensus

We are not a consensus culture - we commit to collaboration. After views are considered, decisions will be taken to move forward.

Embracing Diversity and Change

We respect diversity in all its forms, and embrace ideas to create positive change in the world around us.

Community-Centric Approach

We put the community at the center of everything we do.

Innovation and Boldness

We are innovative & bold in our endeavors.

Scaling through Capabilities and Partnerships

We pursue capabilities & partnerships that scale the reach of our community worldwide.

Integrity and Commitment

We act with integrity – doing what we said we’d do because we said we’d do it.

Fun and Optimism

We act with a sense of fun & optimism.

Honesty and Transparency

We are honest & transparent in our actions.

Open and Respectful Communication

We communicate openly & respectfully and do not tolerate unsubstantiated FUD.

Opposition to Malicious Actors

We oppose malicious actors and bots tanking projects.

Solidarity in Crypto

We believe in solidarity across crypto and promote unity between projects & communities.